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Why Underfloor Heating Is Cost Effective Heat

Warm up for winter with a clever hidden heating system

Feeling the chill this winter? Underfloor heating is gaining popularity for both its economical and sustainable benefits. We asked Michael – Owner of Infinity Energy Solutions to talk through the savvy option – and highlight the benefits of installing underfloor heating it in your home.

Underfloor heating is the clever way to take advantage of the basic principle that heat rises.

“Simply put, warmth from under the floor is radiated into the room, heating the home for your loved ones,” Michael says. “It’s particularly popular in bathrooms and living areas, with the system heating the home and removing the shock of warm toes on cold floors.”

There are three types of electric underfloor heating systems that we can install in your home.

These all involve laying heating wires under the floor, and can usually be controlled by a thermostat.

“We also recommend these heaters be connected to off peak or smart meters to take advantage of reduced electricity rates during off peak hours,” he says.

Heated floors are comforting and take away the bite of the winter chill. Imagine getting out of bed and putting your feet on a toasty warm floor first thing in the morning.

“It feels like quite a treat, it’s really comfortable to walk on, and it distributes heat evenly around the room,” Michael says. “You might not even need socks or slippers this season!”

You’ll have more room in your home because you won’t need to install a radiator.

As well as being a safe option, underfloor heating means you can also style your home architecturally without having to factor in an ugly heating system.

“The unit is hidden out of sight, installed below the floor,” Michael says. “We can install it under timber, stone, tiled or most carpeted floors.”

The Infinity team will help you find the right-sized unit for your home, which can help lower your heating bills.

“When you get the right fit of a unit versus a standard radiator, it works at a lower temperature and therefore uses less energy,” Michael explains. “It’s also a great product to boost the resale value of your home.”

You’ll be helping the environment, too.

There’s less wastage, and therefore less impact on the earth, because your floors will stay warm from below.

“You’ll be toasty inside even if you’ve got doors or windows open with kids running in and out,” he says.

Ready to find out more? Contact Michael and the team and we’ll organise a quote to keep you warm this winter.

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