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How your solar system installation benefits from SunPower panels

SunPower utilises maxeon technology for the highest efficiency and dependability while producing maximum results for your home or business. Infinity Energy Solutions, owner, Michael says Maxeon Solar Technologies is the leader in solar innovation across more than 100 countries and manufacture SunPower solar panels. They offer the industry’s leading 25-year coverage panel warranty. The SunPower Maxeon panels offer an expected useful life of 40 years.
Compared to others on the market, that’s really impressive.

As an Illawarra electrician, I know my customers depend on me to find the most durable and energy-efficient panels to suit all their solar system installation needs. That’s another reason I chose these panels. The array of their performance portfolio means our customers have the choice of solar panels that best suits the specific requirements for their home or business. So, if the Maxeon panels don’t suit, SunPower also uses convention cells with another range of panels. Their Performance Solar panels, for example, combine conventional cells with 35 years of manufacturing expertise.

This combination of industry experience with conventional cells results in the best solar panels compared to others on the market.

SunPower just knows the industry and invest in the best technology, which gives me the confidence, as an Illawarra electrician, to use across our region. Only the best solar panels and the most energy-efficient is what I use for my family-owned business and for my customers.

These are a few of your solar system installer’s favourite things
“What I love about these panels, is they are proven to produce more energy over a solar system’s lifetime, making it simpler for you to predict your savings. That means it’s easier for your family or business to be able to budget due to the certainty and consistency that you can track solar power.

I mean the 25-year coverage of the SunPower Complete Confidence warranty is enough to make anyone stand up and notice. Certainly, this solar system installer from Wollongong recommends this product.

This results in higher power output warranted compared to conventional solar system warranties, up 92% in year 25, in fact. Any defects due to the solar panel materials or workmanship are also covered for 25 years.

As an Illawarra electrician, that gives me peace of mind that I am supplying sustainable solar power to my customers. Absolutely hassle-free repair, replacement or reimbursement for any defective panel for 25
years. Simply – they have a stronger solar power warranty than conventional solar panels and the runs on the board to back it up.

Couple that with a global company with 35+years industry experience, record-setting technology, industry-leading design, and engineering; it’s the best of the best.
I sincerely believe our customers deserve all the advantages the best solar panels can provide for their home or business – that’s why we choose SunPower.

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