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Cheap solar solutions might provide you with upfront savings, although can leave you in the dark when things go wrong.

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There has never been a better time to install a solar system!

Have you been considering solar for a while but waiting for the right time to commit? With the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) revealing draft electricity prices set to increase by a minimum of 20% over the next financial year in NSW, the time has come. Don’t get stung by the upcoming 22% hike in electricity prices. Solar is rapidly becoming the norm, with 1 in 3 Australian homes opting for solar installations. It’s just a no-brainer to invest in generating your own free power to put money back into your pocket, not into multi-million dollar conglomerates. 

There are certain bills you can’t run from, we get it, but YOU CAN escape your electricity bill. There has never been a better time to install a solar system! 

Switching to solar is easy with Infinity Energy Solutions.

Let us show you how much money you can save.

Infinity Energy Solutions
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Solar panels Wollongong
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Power your Family home with Enphase Safety

Enjoy a worry-free transition to solar. Let us handle every detail with a commitment to outstanding quality, unmatched value and lifetime support.

Safety First

Single inverter solar relies on dangerous, high-voltage DC power that can cause fires and significant damage to your home. Enphase Solar is inherently safer because it never contains high-voltage DC power, thus eliminating the likelihood of an arc fault fire.

The perfect fit

Single inverter solar systems can have significant installation limitations that require costly workarounds. Enphase is always sized perfectly for every home, every roof. Don’t let old-fashioned technology dictate your roof layout or savings potential.

More control. more savings

Monitor your energy production and consumption. By better understanding how you’re consuming energy, you can match your peak consumption activities, such as the dishwasher and dryer, with your peak solar production. The result: save more money.

Providing a full suite of Electrical Services in the Illawarra

Can't find what you're looking for? Give us a call, we offer flexible energy and electrical services tailored to your needs.

Solar Solutions

Solar will save you tens of thousands of dollars over its lifetime, plus it increases the value of your home. There are endless ways that money can be better spent. With an electricity price rise of over 20% set to slam consumers, you can continue to waste money on overpriced electricity, or you can plan an exit strategy. With flexible options to suit your home and family, solar is the solution.

Learn how much you can save today, or chat to us about financing options like Green Loans. We’re here to help.

REA POWER Solar Panel

Electrical Solutions

Experience the care, attention to detail and professionalism of a local electrician. Infinity Energy Solutions are your leading electricians in the Illawarra, here to provide the best service for your home or business, guaranteed.

Air Conditioning

Reliable, high quality AC is one of the best ways to add value to your home, and your life. Stop suffering through freezing winters and sweltering summers, create year round comfort with a climate control system to suit your home and lifestyle.

What our clients say

Hear from happy locals who have freed themselves from rising electricity costs.


“The sales representative was easy to deal with and knowledgeable. The Solar installation was completed in one day as planned. The job looks to be high standard and the staff were cheerful and helpful. Follow up was provided to ensure the system was working correctly.”

Jason B

Solar Installation


“The Infinity Energy Solutions team did a great job while removing and installing a new a ducted air conditioner at our unit. They were punctual, courteous, worked hard, cleaned up and finished on schedule. I highly recommend Infinity Energy Solutions. We appreciate the job that was done at out unit, Top notch Professionals!”

Collen B

Aircon Installation


“The team from Infinity Energy Solutions were incredible! The tradies were friendly, knowledgeable and on time and Mick the owner was extremely helpful and honest when quoting on the work we wanted done. These guys are our go to electricians from here on out.”

Nicky T

Electrical Upgrade

Solar panel Wollongong

Receive a FREE Solar King Roof Ventilation Fan with your solar installation today!

The SolarKing Roof Ventilation Fan can extract 20x times more air than a traditional Whirly Bird!

This offer is only valid while stocks last, so get your solar quote arranged today to take advantage of this limited offer!

Why Infinity Energy Solutions is the Illawarra's most referred solar installer?

Infinity Energy Solutions is your trusted solar installers in Wollongong and has been in the Illawarra, YOUR neighbourhood, for almost 2 decades, providing customer service you can trust.
From the very early stages of the quoting process where you’ll have a thousand questions we will welcome: on to the very exciting install stage where you’ll have a hundred more questions, we will welcome: to post install stage, where you will still have one or two more questions that yes, we will still welcome! We’ll be here for you.

Quality control is the main reason we don't use sub contractors. Although there are excellent subbies working in the solar industry today, unfortunately there are more that are not. We prefer to use our own fulltime team that have throughout their years with us, embraced The Infinity Way. We regularly provide our team with upskilling opportunities this allows them to really shine in their positions and produce outstanding results on each install.

Being in business for almost 20yrs has allowed us to really narrow down quality brands. We won't support it unless it's been tried and tested in house, by our very own electrical specialists. We have various testing facilities set up throughout our 2 warehouses. We test a vast array of products starting from the humble cable tie all the way to battery storage systems. Infinity Energy Solutions is well renown for being quality obsessed, that's a trait we are extremely proud of. Our offices are located on Five Islands Road, Port Kembla. Our customers are always very welcome to drop in and take a good look at the products we have recommended for their solar system designs.

Solar panels collect sunlight, which is converted into electricity through inverters. The type of inverter you choose will determine the long term performance and safety of your solar system. Choose a cheap inverter and you will have invested in a cheap solar, it really is that simple. High quality systems like Enphase use micro inverters, which ensure your system works optimally, increasing your return in the long run. When you invest in premium solar systems, you benefit from better safety, closer monitoring, greater ROI and longevity.

What our clients say