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Servicing the Illawarra area since 2005

Michael Negro

Owner, devoted family man & salami connoisseur.

Infinity Energy Solutions was established back in 2005 by a young, eager sparkie with a love of the colour green, Michael Negro.

Almost 2 decades on, Michael’s endless drive and commitment has seen his business evolve from ‘one man and a van’ to an exceptional team, with a fleet of vehicles that has taken the Illawarra by storm.

Michael still lives locally in Warrawong with his wife Julia, 3 children, and their brood of dachshunds. The local community is dear to the hearts of Michael and his family, and this is reflected in the ethos of the Infinity team.

Michael attributes the success of his business to the hard work of the entire Infinity team, who put care in everything they do, and the unwavering support of the Illawarra community. Michael might be humble about his success, but he does boast about his culinary skills – he makes a mean salami, just ask him!

A proud family-owned business serving the Illawarra community

Michael is committed to excellence, that’s why Infinity Energy Solutions has built a reputation of unmatched customer service from a team that is quality obsessed. When you work with the Team in Green, you are choosing the highest standard of safety and care for your home or business. Our team of full-time electricians are dedicated to client satisfaction, with services tailored to suit your needs.

Meet the infinity team


Michael Negro

Hobby: Water Skiing, Fear: Snakes, Superhero: Iron-Man

When I’m out waterskiing, I’m as fearless as Iron Man facing off against villains, but if a snake popped up, I’d be out of the water faster than Tony Stark can say, ‘Jarvis, save me!’

Operational Manager

Christopher Allman

Hobby: Eating Food, Fear: Food Poising, Superhero: Deadpool

If I see food, I will eat it.. no matter how old! Even Deadpool would think twice before messing with me and my food

Accounts Manager

Julia Negro

Hobby: Gym, Fear: Sharks, Superhero: Aquaman

Aquaman let’s me borrow his trident when I go swimming just incase I spot a shark

Sales Manager

Sandy Zakoc

Hobby: Reading, Fear: DC Systems, Superhero: Wonder Woman

I like to read books about AC Systems because DC systems give me nightmares, my name may be Sandy but I’m really Wonder Woman


Christopher Harding

Hobby: Fishing, Fear: Spiders, Superhero: Green Lantern

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, no spider shall escape my sight, let those who hate fishing, beware my power: Green Lanterns Light


Dylan Froude

Hobby: Touch football, Fear: Cockroach, Superhero: Spider-man

My spidey senses tingle when theres a cockroach near by…


Jimmy James

Hobby: Boxing, Fear: Deep Ocean, Superhero: Scarlet Witch

I can pack a punch in the ring but believe me unless The Scarlet Witch was drowning I’d stay on land!


Ryan Flaherty

Hobby: Motorbikes, Fear: Michael, Superhero: Thor

I am all about Motorbikes, but when it comes to Michael’s time to rev up, I am out the door faster than Thor’s hammer when he calls it.


Timucin Celik

Hobby: Boogie Boarding, Fear: Deep Sea, Superhero: Spider-Man

I wear my spidey suit when I go boogie boarding just incase I go a little too far out to sea…


Daniel Steemson

Hobby: Eating food, Fear: Running out of food, Superhero: Batman

My love for food is so big that even Batman thinks I have a secret lair in my Pantry


Lucas Heidrich

Hobby: Woodworking, Fear: Stubbing My Toe, Superhero: Big Daddy

Stubbing my toe is my arch-nemesis, even Big Daddy would cry!

Volkan Celik

Hobby: Boxing, Fear: Drowning, Superhero: Iron Man

My boxing skills are as good as Iron Man’s but place me near water and the fear of drowning will KO me.

Thomas Dimise

Hobby: Skiing, Fear: Avalanche, Superhero: Deadpool

My skiing technique is top notch, my avalanche evasive skills are not…which is why I only ski with Deadpool.

Jye Nightingale

Hobby: Rugby, Fear: Heights, Superhero: Batman

Scaling heights may not be my preferred battleground but put me on a rugby field and I’ll be the next Batman.

Service Coordinator

Jessica Skofic

Hobby: Cookie Baker, Fear: Heights, Superhero: The Black Widow

I’m a cookie baker who crumbles when it comes to heights, just like The Black Widow I like to stay on the ground

Administration Coordinator

Charlise Atkins

Hobby: Online Shopping, Fear: Spiders, Superhero: Iron-Man

Professional Online Shopper, but if I see a spider I’m running straight to Iron-Man

The Infinity Way

Infinity Energy Solutions are your true local, family-owned company, who have been proudly servicing the Illawarra since 2005. We are passionate about what we do, and how we do it; The Infinity Way. Our core values underpin everything we do, our team not only works by them, but lives by them too.

Settle for nothing less than the best.

The services we offer, the products we endorse and the brands we associate with are of the highest standards. The Infinity Way.

A team that puts you first

Our core values

Be Trustworthy
Be Honest
Be Proud
Be Quality Obsessed
Be Determined
Be Family

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Unmatched workmanship guaranteed

Infinity Energy Solutions offers a 15 year workmanship warranty. We trust in our team so you can too.

Working with the best