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Wollongong solar system installer selects SunPower solar panels

Are you deciding to install a solar system at your home or business? The solar system market can be very daunting – which inverters to use, which solar panels? Confusing terms like solar feed-in tariffs, or decisions like which kW system to choose. That’s why it’s important to choose a local trustworthy Illawarra electrician to help you make those decisions.

Choosing the latest technology with global manufacturer, SunPower® is one of those decisions. Infinity Energy Solutions, owner, Michael says SunPower panels are not only the technology of choice for the world’s experts, but also for you. “SunPower have been building the industry’s most advanced technology for more than 35 years,” Michael said.

“We understand, as your solar system installer in Wollongong, that you are entrusting us to use the best technology.
“The choice to go solar is usually a cost-saving measure, but also an environmentally conscious one. “We know that installing a solar system in your home or business will save you dollars, but also saves our environment – SunPower understands that.”

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