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Why your solar system installer in Wollongong chooses microinverters

With the Australian Government’s national solar rebate program still available, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar system for your home or business with your trusted local Illawarra electrician.

There is no doubt that installing a solar system in your home or business is not only going to save you money but also benefits the environment; it’s a win-win.

Why not harness the Australian sunshine across the beautiful Illawarra region with a solar system installer and electrician that has been a local family business since 2005.

Michael, Infinity Energy Solutions owner, says there are many benefits for home and business owners to use micro inverters for their solar system, as opposed to the now older technology of string inverters.

“The main difference between micro inverter technology compared to the string inverter, is that the micro inverter, as the name suggests, is a small inverter designed to be attached to each individual solar panel.

“This is vastly different to the previously more common string inverter, which is usually located on a wall some distance from the solar panels connected via unsightly DC cable.

“The beauty of the microinverter is that each solar panel can be monitored individually to optimise and generate maximum power, instead of the standard string inverter which links all the panels together, no matter their individual output.

“This means an entire string of solar panels could be greatly reduced by a single dirty or shaded panel, which is not a problem for the microinverter.”

“Coming soon are Enphase solar panels that will be factory installed with microinverters, which we call AC solar modules.

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