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Need an electrician? Here’s the top 5 benefits of hiring the local guy

At first glance, hiring an experienced local electrician in Wollongong may not be the cheapest option. But trust us, it can be far more expensive in the long run to hire the cheaper national operator. Read on for Michael’s reasons against settling for a quick – and lesser quality – fix.

1. We know more than our niche

Chances are we’re more experienced than the national operators. Many of the out-of-town solar installers have only ever worked in one area, whereas our team has been trained across the electrical board. We’re experts in solar installation, but we also come to you armed with decades of experience in all energy fields.

2. You’ll get the highest level of service

As the local guys, we rely on your feedback and your referrals to keep our business alive. What that means for you is that we’ll deliver you the best service with the best quality products that we trust, every time. To put it simply: the better we are, the more business we’ll have in our community in the future.

3. We’re down the road if anything happens

We’re only a short drive away when you need us. Whether it’s an emergency situation or something isn’t working how it should be, we can be there to sort it out fast. There’s no driving back to another town to get parts or tools. And if we need to order in anything specific, we know where to get it – and how to get our hands on it quickly. At Infinity, we have integrity. Our reliable team is committed to you and to ensuring everything operates exactly how we promised.

4. Follow-up is much cheaper

We take the time to get to know you, your home and your needs. Because we’ve invested in this connection, you can be assured that the time spent on any follow-up work will be much less than if you called in an outsider. Another thing worth remembering is that national operators will likely charge you for their travel time, too.

5. You’ll be supporting local families, just like yours

Buying local means supporting local families. It keeps the money within the community, and helps us all thrive. If you’re a business, your clients will love to hear about the close-knit choices you’re making. And we can assure you that our family will be doing the same and supporting your business in return.

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