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Five Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Solar

Solar panels are undeniably going to be an exceptional choice for your home – and for the environment. But with so much information available, it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re buying – and what you’re getting. Michael is on hand to talk us through the top five mistakes to avoid when investing in solar for your home or business.

1. Waiting for the price of storage batteries to drop.

Batteries are not going to pay for themselves – yet. But every day you’re waiting for them to get cheaper is a day you have to pay sizely power bills.

“People who are waiting for batteries to come down in price and delaying their solar install are paying more for electricity, far outweighing the drop in cost they may incur later,” Michael explains. “Simply put, waiting another few years for the price to drop means another few years of unnecessarily high power bills.”

2. Not buying from the reputable locals.

It’s likely you’ve received a maildrop – or 10 – about cheap solar deals. You’ve seen them on TV, you’ve had door knocks and perhaps your neighbour has taken up a promo deal.

Sure, it’s a quick fix and it may be a cheap option at the time. But what happens down the track?

“The local guy is the one you follow up with when you need advice or something isn’t doing what it should be doing,” Michael says. “At Infinity we’re just down the road when you need us. You don’t have to deal with phone calls, paperwork and long waiting lists. We’re on your team from the very beginning.”

3. Not knowing your rights.

Accessing the correct information can be an overwhelming experience when investing in a solar power system. And that’s where consumer law steps in for you.

“It’s vital to understand what you need – and what you don’t need – when you’re buying your system,” Michael says. “There are people out there who are going to try to sell you unnecessary maintenance fees or an inadequate warranty. Always go with someone you trust, and make sure you ask questions and read the fine print before signing anything.”

4. Knowing what size you need for your needs.

It’s difficult to know how many panels you’ll need for your home, and that’s why it’s best to chat to an expert team like ours at Infinity.

“We can help you understand your current usage, factor in your future usage and decide on a system that meets your needs,” Michael explains. “A bit of research and the right advice can save you from finding out later that you’ve bought a system too small or too big for your needs.”

5. Assuming that your shaded roof means solar won’t work.

Solar technology is incredibly savvy these days – even with shade on your roof or a roof facing what you believe might be the wrong way.

“It doesn’t really matter anymore if your panels aren’t facing north or there’s some obstruction to the sun,” Michael says. “Solar panels are so efficient now that you may only lose up to 15 percent of your overall energy production with these factors at play. There’s no doubt it’s definitely still worth the investment.”

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