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Actron air conditioner does all the hard work

At Infinity Energy Solutions we’re proud to share we’ve started supplying Actron air conditioners for our customers. It was an easy decision for us – we only work with the best so we can provide you the best for your home. And we’re in good company, with more than a quarter of a million Australians choosing Actron to keep them cool.

Here’s why we think you should consider one of their air conditioners for your home, too.

You’ll be supporting local businesses.

Actron is proudly Australian owned and known for making world-class air conditioners. Buying one of their units not only supports Australian production, it also supports another local business: ours. We’re your local Illawarra team ready to help you with all your air conditioning needs – before, during and after installation. For peace of mind, it’s all backed by Actron’s five year warranty.

They’re designed for our weather.

A premier Actron system provides an operating range made for Australian conditions. While most overseas air conditioners are designed with a maximum temperature range of 43-46 degrees, an Actron unit operates up to 50 degrees. This is important because the temperature around an outdoor unit can reach much higher than the weather report due to direct sun or heat radiating off the ground. As well as efficiently operating at higher temperatures, Actron units also perform at a higher capacity leading up to that peak temperature.

You can choose what you use.

Only need to cool certain rooms in your home? That’s a huge factor when it comes to keeping costs down – for both the power bill and the planet. An Actron system comes with handy zone control units, helping you to select and manage each zone in your house. You can control the temperature and turn on/off desired zones to maximise the energy efficiency. Ask Infinity Energy Solutions how?

Clever technology saves you money.

Whether you’re too busy or simply want to get busy relaxing, chances are you don’t want to keep checking on your air conditioner and altering the temperature as your home cools. As well as the ability to change zone temps and variable airflow, an Actron system can also save you money by cleverly slowing down the compressor once the desired temperature is reached.

It’s a seamless installation.

Lesser brands use a third party control system and may malfunction due to incompatibility. Actron systems are owned and branded, allowing perfect integration. Our team will be installing the units, and we’re on hand at any stage for questions or follow-up. Drop in or give us a call and chat to Michael and the team about installing yours.

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