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Your Illawarra electrician shares the benefits of micro inverters

“Micro inverters improve the performance of your solar system installation, as each solar panel operates at its maximum power and is not impacted by the surrounding solar panels.

String inverters are greatly affected by shading of trees, buildings, antennas, or other rooftop structures. Dirt, bird droppings, and weather events impact the performance of the string inverter.

“Temperature differences, any panel faults or ageing, small roofs or odd roof layouts are all conditions that will impact negatively on the sting inverter accessing maximum power output for your solar panels says Michael Negro owner Infinity Energy Solutions.”

“As well as improving the performance of your solar panels, micro inverters are perfect for complex roof layouts, as panel placement at different orientation or angles is not a problem. As the microinverter is attached to each individual panel, placement does not have to be in a “string” or in rows.

“Another advantage is that if one panel has a failure or is damaged, no problem – it doesn’t shut off generation of power from the system. Unlike the string inverter that could result in total loss of power generation due to one singular panel. 

“A further benefit is that it is much easier to increase the number of solar panels with micro inverters, as we can install individual panels, no strings attached.

“We only use micro inverters and only use the Enphase Micro Inverter range, as they are the world leaders in this technology; they launched the first one in the US in 2008.

“We wouldn’t use any other micro inverter manufacturer.”

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