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Expert Advice on Air Conditioning


Summer is definitely on its way. The days are getting longer and the smell of barbecues are filling the balmy evening air. You may need expert advice on your air conditioning needs.

Now is not only the time to start planning your festive celebrations – it’s also a good idea to start thinking about your cooling solutions.

Be it your home or office, we’re ready to install your air conditioner in time for the sunny season.

In the meantime, here’s Michael and the team with some food for thought (we’ll leave the Christmas pudding to you):



Welcoming a new air conditioner into the home is almost like welcoming a new family member. This system is going to be with you during many exciting times across the warmer months.

When deciding on a system, there are initially three top considerations:

  1. Your type of home, and its location. This can dictate where you locate your system, eg in an apartment where you share walls with neighbours. We can come to your home and assess your property, detailing the best solutions available for you.
  2. The rooms or spaces you want cooled. Some systems will cool and heat one or two rooms; others will have ducts in every room of your house. It’s a good idea to think ahead and consider how your home will be used in the future, eg incorporating a nursery down the track, so we can cater to your needs and be more cost-effective now. Read more about the different systems available here on our blog.
  3. The location for the outdoor unit. Ideally, your outdoor unit should be mounted where there’s plenty of free space on either side to allow airflow and easy access for maintenance.

Unless your system is portable, an air conditioner should only ever be installed by a licensed professional installer. The team at Infinity are here to help.



Summer is generally a busier time of year in the office, with loose ends to tie up before the holidays. Make sure your team is comfortable during these inevitable long hours by ensuring you’ve got suitable air conditioning. We can advise which is the right system for you.

You may need one that is able to cool and heat, or one that is more energy-efficient to reduce your costs and footprint. There’s even some clever systems will even redistribute heat from warmer areas to cooler spots.

A good air conditioner will also purify the air and reduce humidity – and the stress and frustration from employees!



It might not be strong enough on its own, but don’t overlook the humble ceiling fan in your cooling equation. A fan is more effective in improving the efficiency of your air-con than you may think.

“Cool air is heavy and a ceiling fan will disperse it around the room, giving you the advantage of cooler air quicker,” Michael says.

The team can advise on the best positioning for fans, and organise an install to have them ready before the heat hits.

Beat the inevitable Christmas rush and give us a call now to start chatting about how you’re going to keep your cool this summer.

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