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What type of air conditioner should I buy


Don’t swelter through another scorching summer. As energy solution specialists, we are here to guide you through the best air conditioning solutions to keep you, your family and your home happy throughout the sunny season.

It’s always best to pop in and see us in store so we can assess your needs, but as a start here’s a rundown of the three different types of cooling solutions for your abode.

  1. Split System Air Conditioning

Ideal for: Compact spaces

This one is designed to target individual rooms – maybe you want to cool the living area while entertaining, or the bedroom that catches the most afternoon sun. The compressor is installed outside, with a wall-mounted or compact floor-standing unit inside.

Major benefit: More economical than most systems because you’re using less energy.

  1. Multi Split System Air Conditioning

Ideal for: Independent temperature control

Perfect for the family or couple with contradicting body temperatures, this system allows you to run multiple air conditioners with the one compressor, allowing individual control. You can even choose the type of indoor unit for each room – be it wall-mounted, duct-connected, floor-standing, ceiling-suspended or cassette units.

Major benefit: Allows maximum comfort while achieving economical harmony.

  1. Ducted Air Conditioning

Ideal for: Cooling the whole home

This is your all-in-one climate control solution. There’s one unit outside, and an indoor unit in either your ceiling or under your floor. Vents are installed throughout the home, and activated by a main controller.

Main benefit: Can be installed into a new or existing home.


INTRODUCING: The Daikin VRV IV-S multi-split air conditioning system

As an accredited Daikin dealer, we can now offer their new VRV IV-S multi-split air conditioning system. And let us tell you, this one is really hard to beat.

Michael Negro, owner of Infinity Electrical Services runs us through the benefits of the system.

“This is going to give you remarkable energy efficiency, while maintaining a quiet operation,” Michael says.


With the main benefit of the multi split system being the ability to connect and control individual rooms, this one really excels with the option to connect up to 14 indoor units. Depending on your needs for each room, you can choose between wall-mounted, floor-standing, bulkheads, cassettes and ceiling-suspended units.

“This is going to help to keep your bills down,” he says. “Imagine how convenient it would be for each room to have its own control that can be scheduled and switched on independently. Genius.”

Furthermore, the wall-mounted units have Daikin’s Intelligent Eye human sensor, which enables energy saving operations when the room is unoccupied.

You’ll no longer be sweltering through the evenings, and a night-time quiet mode reduces the outdoor noise levels during sleeping hours. This automatically resumes normal operations once you’re up and ready to go in the morning.

“There’s many benefits of this system, and we’d love to talk to you more about it in store,” Michael says. “Drop in and talk to one of our energy solution specialists about your needs and we’ll get your summer cooling sorted.”

The system is covered by Daikin’s five-year parts and labour warranty, which applies to air conditioners purchased and installed in every home.

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