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What You Need To Know About Home Entertainment Systems

Building a new home or renovating an abode to your dream standard is one of life’s most exciting and rewarding projects. You’re busy choosing layouts, colour schemes and maybe even considering landscaping options. But there’s another item we’d recommend adding to the to-do list in your planning stage. Infinity Energy Solutions would like to share with you what you need to know about home entertainment systems.

Thinking ahead for your home entertainment system install can save you time, money, and – let’s face it – a bunch of headaches down the track.

Infinity Electrical Solutions owner, Michael Negro, recommends installing the wiring for your upcoming home entertainment system in your initial build. That way, when you have the money to install your system, you’ve got your electrical foundations ready to go. The same theory goes for your air-conditioning and heating units, too.

Chatting to Michael and the team will point you in the right direction of the best product and install solution for your home. As home entertainment installation specialists, the team can integrate systems into your home that are designed to fit in and enhance your style. No more big, ugly units!

“We’d love to help you incorporate your home entertainment system into your new dream home,” Michael says. “Maybe you even want to create a dedicated home living room – now that’s living. Home Entertainment systems are a particular passion area of ours, and we’d love to chat about making your idea a cost-effective reality.” Check out our Home Entertainment information.

Here, Michael gives us a rundown of some of the three initial considerations:

What do you need your home entertainment system to do? We can talk you through a number of different options that will work best for your space, and offer suggestions for the best sound output to woo your guests.

We know that new homes and renovations are usually accompanied by a strict budget. We can help you find the best solution within your price range. You’d be surprised at how streamlined and cost-effective home entertainment systems are these days. And as we mentioned earlier, installing your wiring early will save you money down the track.

Have a think about where you want your system positioned. Will it be on the floor, or would you prefer flush-mounted speakers? This is important because you’ll have to brief your electrician on the locations for your outlets.

Michael and the team are there for you every step of your home entertainment system installation way. They offer design and consultation, supply and installation, pre-cabling and lighting control.

They look forward to hearing from you and helping you enhance your home’s entertainment factor.

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