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What Is The Best Solar System To Install At Home

Inifinity Energy Solutions is keen to assist you choose The Best Solar System for your Home. There’s a lot of buzz about solar energy – and we welcome it with open arms. The clever systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun, combating greenhouse gas emissions.

But before you buy, we want you to be armed with all the information so you can make the right choice for both you and the environment. To put it simply, we know we can do better than the systems that are currently being promoted on TV.

We’re proud to welcome Enphase Solar Solutions to our product selection. We’re an exclusive stockist of the system,their preferred installers across the Illawarra and we’re delighted to be able to share it with you and your family.

So, why choose Infinity – Enphase Solar Solutions? Our owner, Michael Negro, talks us through the amazing benefits of this system.


“You’ll have lifetime monitoring at no extra cost,” Michael says. “You can check your usage, the health of your batteries, and how much power is produced from solar in relation to the amount of energy your house needs to run.”

The icing on the cake: you can even collect this information remotely from your smart phone or laptop.


Infinity Energy – Enphase  Solar Solutions grows with you and your needs. If you buy the product currently advertised on TV (which is a 3 or 5kw system with 20 panels on your roof and an inverter to change the power from DC to AC at your power box) you could be faced with many restrictions.

“If you wanted to increase your capacity to produce more energy down the track, you would have to upgrade to a bigger, more expensive inverter to do the job,” he says. “With the Infinity- Enphase Solar Solution you can expand your energy production at any time. Each clever solar panel has its own micro inverter, so there’s no need to purchase another costly inverter to manage capacity.”

You’ll have greater flexibility, and you’ll save money. TheInfinity Energy – Enphase  Solar Solution systems are standalone, highly-productive solar panels that don’t require a separate inverter to manager the conversion of the sun’s energy to electricity.


“We pride ourselves on the fact that our systems are a lot safer,” he says. “The DC is located on the roof – not in cabling running through your home. The danger of the latter is it could potentially develop into hot spots and possibly start a fire.”


If you wanted to add a battery to store power,Infinity Energy – Enphase  Solar Solutions allows you to customise your battery storage.

“Contrary to some information out there, there’s no need to buy a massive battery pack that delivers far more storage than you need,” he says. “With the Infinity – Enphase Solar Solution, you can add batteries over the time as you need or can afford. We can talk you through a size and solution that works best for you and your needs.”


The rebate is also available on this system. Talk to Michael and the team to find out more.

A little birdy told us…

If you had an Infinity – Enphase Solar Solution and a bird dropped a message on one of the panels, or a tree shaded one of the solar panels, the system would automatically work out that the panel was not performing and producing to its full capacity. The bright little thing would then let you know via your smart phone app. And it wouldn’t slack off, either – the system would continue to work to full capacity through its other panels. Now that’s efficient.

However, if you installed a system like the ones advertised on TV, it wouldn’t respond the same way. The panels in those systems don’t work independently, so all panels would reduce their energy production to meet the same level as the malfunctioning solar panel. This would drastically effect your energy production, costing you more on electricity.

The next step

We’re passionate about arming you with the knowledge before you buy, and helping you to understand how your future needs can be met down the track.

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact Michael and the team at Infinity Electrical Solutions. We’d love to hear from you.P: 02 42 752 496    E:

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