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How to save power – and money – at home

Cutting back your energy usage will not only lower your bills, it can also make your home run smoother and help the environment thrive. Here’s Michael’s top ways to overhaul your household usage. Here is how to save money on your power bill.

Dial down

Every degree warmer on your air conditioner thermostat can potentially cut costs by 10%. Consider lowering your temperature and turning on your fans to help regulate the airflow. Open the windows in the evening to take advantage of the cooling breeze.

In the zone

Consider which areas of your home you’re using. Create a cooling or heating zone by only using the vents in the rooms you’re spending time in. This may mean the kitchen and living spaces for the first half of the day, before switching to the bedrooms at night.

Air assessment

An underperforming air conditioner can quickly boost your energy bills. But there’s good news if you’re considering buying a new one. For a limited time, the NSW government is offering households a discount on installations of air conditioners with a high star rating. It ranges from $200-$1000 depending on the size and type of your desired unit. The Infinity team can talk you through the best options for your needs, and are on hand to effortlessly install it for a smooth transition.

Child’s play

Get the kids involved and teach them early on how to be energy-savvy. Install a shower timer so they have shorter showers and use less hot water, remind them to switch off lights when leaving a room and turn off toys and gaming consoles when not in use. The latter alone can save up to 5% on your energy bills. Creating a points system is a good, rewarding way to keep them motivated.

Great outdoors

There’s nothing quite like a BBQ on a balmy evening. Using the outdoor area to cook up your storm instead of the oven is not only therapeutic, it will also help slash your bills. An added bonus? There’s less dishes and more time for the serious stuff, like a game of backyard cricket.

Wash out

In the laundry, wash your clothes in cold water (this cost-cutting option also cleverly prevents setting stains), and bypass your dryer for your clothesline at least once a week to save a combined total of more than $100 a year.

Chill out
In the kitchen, ensure fridges and freezers aren’t overfilled. They’ll be working extra hard to keep everything chilled, and chances are the items at the back aren’t exactly fresh anymore. While you’re doing your clean-out, check that the seals are still in good shape.

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