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How To Clean Your Airconditioner

Why you need to treat your air conditioners every summer. We will explain how to clean your airconditioner.

An air conditioner is the ultimate summer sidekick when it’s operating at optimal output. But without regular cleaning, your clever cooler could be harming your health.

A poorly maintained system can become contaminated with microorganisms that may be harmful if inhaled, and lead to asthma problems and allergies for young and old.

Infinity Energy Solutions owner Michael Negro says that households often make the mistake of taking their air conditioner for granted and assuming they can simply switch it on for another high-performing season.

“Basically, you need to treat your air conditioner like you would treat your car,” Michael explains. “They need to be tuned up, inspected and given a little TLC to ensure they can get us through those warm summer months.”

Here’s Michael’s advice for keeping your air conditioner in peak performance mode.

Change the filter once every three months.
It might sound tedious, but cost-wise it’s the clever choice. A new filter shouldn’t set you back much more than $10, while a dirty filter could potentially be adding an additional 10 per cent to your energy bill. If you’re running your system constantly throughout summer, you could even increase this to as often as once a month throughout the season.

Get your system professionally serviced annually.
Like your other machines, your air conditioner needs a good, thorough clean at least once a year. At Infinity, we only use a premium hospital-grade product from Aerus to clean our customers’ ducted and split systems. We’re here to ensure your system is in fine form after the service, making it safe for everyone from little ones to the elderly to breathe in the freshly-filtered air. Chat to us about booking in a service to get your system up to scratch.

Add to the rotation.
Consider relieving some of the pressure from your air conditioner by installing a trusty fan to help the circulation strategy. Any fan will do, but a ceiling fan is best to help circulate the air throughout your house. Be sure to check it’s turning counter-clockwise in summer for maximum air flow.

Perfect the finishing touches.
It’s worth checking the positioning of your thermostat, especially if you’re often out of the house during the day. Pools of sunlight may throw off your readings, increasing the air conditioner’s output even though the rest of the house is cool. Check also that your furniture or curtains aren’t obstructing your vents because they’ll limit air circulation. And finally, ensure you’re not cooling unused rooms. Closing the vents in empty rooms will ease the burden of your air conditioner – and your concerns about summer energy bills.

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