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How to do an energy audit for your business

Save power – and money – at your workplace by discovering what’s using the most energy through an energy audit.. Here’s how you can guide yourself through the process, plus advice for when to call in an expert to help.

Check it

It’s likely you’re run off your feet running your business, but allocating extra time to check your energy bill will help ensure you’re getting the best deal.  Regularly review the bill, checking your tariff and looking out for any unusual patterns. Use the online Energy Rating Calculator to check expected energy use of appliances, and use a power meter to check the actual energy use of plug-in appliances.

Smart system
Head online to check the energy data from your smart meter and get a good idea of what’s using power inside your building. You’ll find the data through the website of your energy provider, and you should be able to download it as a handy spreadsheet.

Star rating

It’s best to invest in energy efficient appliances with high star ratings. Assess equipment that involves heating and cooling because they ultimately use the most energy. An underperforming air conditioner, for example, can quickly boost your energy bills without actually cooling down your workspace. Chat to Michael and the team to help you determine the best unit for your needs. As well as running you through your options and installing your preferred choice, they’ll be on hand to give you personalised advice on extra ways you may be able to cut down your costs within your business.

Clever creations
Use wireless technology and innovative smart tools to help you monitor your energy usage. Energy-reading devices including smart meter monitors, smart clamp-on energy meters and circuit-breaker meters send data to computers and smartphones, where it is then analysed in real time.

Good timing

You could also consider installing a timer to control appliances and equipment. You’ll gain control of energy use by setting individual timers on equipment or scheduling energy-hungry machines to operate overnight. These systems work best and save money when combined with solar power and battery storage. Our team can help you out with all your solar power needs, quotes and installations.
Helping hand
Arrange for an energy expert to perform an audit. The NSW Government recommends an annual audit for businesses with annual electricity bills exceeding $5000. You’ll get accurate real-time reading for all plug-in and hardwired appliances. As well as being able to ask any of your own questions, most consultants will give you an action plan with details on how to cut your energy use.

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