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There’s a lot of talk about electricity in the press, and solar power is emerging a worthy frontrunner when it comes to fuelling your home energy needs. Here’s a round-up of what you need to know about the current energy situation right now and how it effects you in the Wollongong and Illawarra Region

Australia’s electricity prices are currently more expensive than third world countries.

Households are paying between $100 to $200 more for electricity than what could be considered reasonable, according to The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Another report by the McKell Institute predicts this could rise by up to $430 more by the end of next year.

“Australia needs to dramatically change its energy landscape in order to escape the energy price crisis.”

These are the words of Australian head of global renewable firm SunEnergy1, Kenny Habul.

“The latest advancements in solar cell technology put us at twice the output of the current panel in the next four years and at one-tenth of the cost,” Kenny says.

“There is enough sunlight that hits the earth in one day to power the earth for a year, and we dig coal and we burn it – it’s fundamentally wrong.”

Record solar installations could almost double capacity in a year.

Solar is the sustainable option that looks set to gain even more traction, with a a massive solar energy boom predicted this year. Rooftop installations were at an all-time January high last month, and an unprecedented number of industrial solar farms were approved by governments in 2017.

You can still get a rebate on your solar installation.

The government has incentives for those who install renewable energy products, such as solar panel systems. The most common way to attain this is through a registered agent like the expert team at Infinity. A good start is arranging a chat to us to cover what your home may need, and how much of a rebate you may be entitled to. We’re reliable, competitively priced, and passionate about solar power and making solar power systems an affordable option for Australian households. In our opinion, it’s the eco-friendly way to reduce power bills and generate clean electricity while looking after our environment for future generations. A win win solution.

Swoon at solar in action:

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who marvel at the power and potential of solar. Recently, a university in southern NSW installed Australia’s largest rooftop solar power system with 6000 panels, and a solar-powered dental clinic opened its doors on a Vanuatu island. For those fellow solar legends out there, here’s a video of the world’s first fully solar-powered train cruising by on its track in Byron Bay.

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