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LED Lighting


We’re loving the flexibility of Bartello LED strip lighting. The long-lasting lighting solution has fast become a favourite among contemporary architects and savvy interior stylists. But it’s also affordable and accessible for the modest homeowner wanting to make an impact, too.

It’s available in a range of lengths, outputs and hues, so as long as you have a qualified electrician to install it, the Bartello LED lighting world really is your oyster. We asked Infinity Energy Solutions owner, Michael Negro, to give us a good rundown on what we need to know about the luxe offering.

So, what exactly is Bartello LED strip lighting?

“It’s a flexible circuit board with surface-mounted light-emitting diodes (LED) that you can have installed to project effective and powerful lighting in a range of colours and brightness,” Michael says. “These are different to the battery-powered versions you may have seen around – these are the premium, long-lasting versions that are hard-wired into a power point. To put it simply, if you want to make an impact, this is your grand go-to.”

Who can install them?

“It’s essential that you have a qualified electrician installing your lighting because they need to be cut, programmed and wired for your home,” he says. “At Infinity, our team is experienced with the strip lighting installation process, and forever inspired by our client’s innovative and clever ideas. We’d love to help you make your dream a reality.”

Can you choose different colours and strengths?

The colour, shape and power output of the Bartello LEDS can be customised by an electrician to fit your space and concept, says Michael. “As well as the usual cool white and warm white shades, the LEDs can be ordered in a range of colours including orange, blue and green,” he says. “There’s also the option to emit multiple colour changes, which can be very effective for entertainment areas.”

What are some of your design recommendations?

 – Make A Splash

“They look sleek yet subtle lined either above or down the sides of your stovetop splashback and below your kitchen cabinetry. If you have an island bench, consider lining some underneath the countertop to highlight the grain and illuminate your stools.”

– Entertain Me

“Up the entertainment ante in your home and highlight your favourite pastimes. You could use the strip lighting above your billiard table, underneath your bar counter and even add lighting strips on each wall of the entertainment area to tie it all together.”

– Walk-In Wonder

“You’ll feel like a superstar with luxurious lighting in your closet. Line the bottom of the wardrobe shelves or trace the outside of your mirror for an ambient glow.”

– Bathroom Break

“They’re a perfect guide for those middle-of-the-night toilet runs, where you don’t want to wake up everyone in the house. Simply have the hallway lined with the lights and let them lead the way while you’re in your sleepy haze. Then, inside the bathroom, you could line the mirror for an angelic pop.”

– Stairway To Heaven

“Go one step above and install the lights underneath your stairs. The striking look will make each step look like it’s floating. You could also embed the strips in your hallway for a contemporary effect. This works particularly well with white strips embedded in concrete walls.”

– Garden Glow

“Dim down the garden path with rows of strip lighting. It’ll add a great luminescent effect for your guests on entry to the front yard, and boost your party vibe if installed out the back near your outdoor living, barbecue or pool area. You could also highlight and enhance your home’s natural lines.”

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