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Lighting Trends For Your Home

Installing the right lighting in your home can help boost your mood, encourage you to unwind or make your garden glow under the stars. Keep up with the lighting trends with professional advice from Michael Negro of Infinity Energy Solutions.

We’re constantly inspired by our clients’ incredible designs. From stylish bedroom pendant lights helping them dream easier to well-lit entertainment areas ready for a good time, here’s some of our favourite ways to liven up an abode. And as always, we’d love to hear yours. Give our team a call to discuss your bright idea.


Along with paint colour, lighting shades play a key role in setting the tone in a room. The intensity of your chosen hue will be a huge factor in how the surroundings are experienced. Bright white lighting, for example, is better suited to an office, bathroom or kitchen, while warm yellow tones are great options for bedrooms and living rooms because they encourage relaxation. Unwind in calm style by incorporating adjustable lighting in your bedroom. Consider installing a dimmer, adjustable sconce lighting or trendy pendants. They’re the perfect accompaniment to your book and cup of tea at the end of a long day.


Let there be luxe light in your entertainment area. We love the effect of strip lighting under a granite bench, below outdoor seating or outlining the star of the show – the barbecue. You can even incorporate an intelligence system which responds to natural daylight, ensuring the mood is set as the sun goes down. Now that’s one glowing guest we’d love to have along at our next party.


Brightening up your garden will allow you to enjoy the effects from inside the home or out. Use light sparingly to subtly highlight your favourite features – and to handily make your garden appear larger. You could add functional lighting to illuminate steps, pathways and seated areas. One of the most dramatic features for a sophisticated glow is uplighting. Position up-lights at the bottom of your trees and plants to literally throw them in the spotlight. It’s a little bit lush, and oh so romantic. For bonus effect, aim to install lights with a green or blue shade to mimic the colours of nature.


Accentuating your assets can help your home ooze sophistication. Downlights can bring focus to your prized artworks in the hallway, while strip lighting on the steps of your treasured timber staircase will give them a striking glow. For an added boost to any room, and to earn some interior designer points, consider installing a dramatic pendant, chandelier or lamp as the centrepiece. Use a warm yellow tone in communal areas, and consider installing a dimmer to set the mood for relaxation in the evening.


Before the fun begins, there are a few things to consider. Because lighting is an important and significant investment, the money you spend brightening your home should make an impact for years to come.

Michael and his team understand the importance of good quality lighting, and work with each client to create a concept that elevates their home and suits their budget.

“We create a look for your lifestyle,” Michael says.

However, there are key considerations depending on the type of home you own. Renovators should be aware that older homes may need a full rewire if they don’t comply to Australian standards, and new homes may face limitations to lighting locations.

“That’s why it’s best to get a professional in first,” Michael says. “We’ve got the latest in innovative products, and are ready to help professionally and safely bring your idea to life.” We recommend Beacon Lighting at Shellharbour for our lighting supplies.

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