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How To Plan A Home Theatre

Ready to up the entertainment ante in your home in Wollongong? Want to know how to plan a home theatre system? You’ll have the most enviable Netflix and chill situation with a state-of-the-art home theatre system in Wollongong. We asked Michael from Infinity Energy Solutions in Wollongong for his top tips and considerations to ensure an immersive viewing and listening experience.

Location, location.

Decide on where you’d like to enjoy your shiny new best friend – your home theatre system. You might opt for a seamless transition in your living area, a rewarding retreat in your bedroom or spoil yourself with a dedicated home theatre room. As home theatre installation specialists, we can chat to you about integrating our systems efficiently and stylishly into your desired space.

Make room.

If you decide on a dedicated room, ask yourself some additional questions including:

  • Is there too much ambient light present? This type of lighting can cause glare and screen surface reflection. Blinds are an easy solution, but make sure you allow for these in your budget.
  • Is the room carpeted? Carpet is going to settle your home theatre sound, and how it is circulated throughout your room. A hardwood or tiled floor may mean bass is distributed with echoes. A rug – or carpet if you can – is a good problem-solver here.
  • Where are you installing your speakers? Whether you go for stand or in-wall speakers, ensure you have enough room around your screen and cabinet.
  • Where will you be sitting? Your distance from the screen will help you decide on the optimal screen size to ensure ultimate entertainment comfort.

Finer details.

How big, how loud and how fast? These are all questions to ask yourself ahead of purchasing your new entertaining equipment. Sure, a huge screen may look great in the shop but will it be too big when you get it home to your bedroom? Have your specs on hand before you go shopping – and don’t be afraid to do your research with online reviews before you hand over your cash. As for the back-end equipment, we use only premium technology by Legrand Home Theatre Solutions.

Helping hand.

We’re home theatre experts – and enthusiasts. We live it, breathe it and love it in our own homes. And we’re your one-stop home theatre installation shop. We’re there for the design and consultation phases, supply and installation, pre-cabling and lighting control. You just let us know when you need to get the ball rolling, and we’ll come to discuss your options to suit your budget.

Style file.

You’ll want your new system in your home theatre to look equally stylish, too. As experts, we ensure cords and cables are hidden, allowing for a professional finish. We love seeing how our clients incorporate their system into their interior styling, and work with them to ensure our technology complements their beautiful designs. Ask us about our stunning strip lighting that can really add the wow factor. Comfortable yet chic seating, beautiful cabinetry and understated finishing touches complete the pretty picture. All you need to do now is invite your guests over for a swoon-worthy home theatre entertainment session.


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